Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Begins November 1st, 2015

15:05 28 September in News

Open enrollment for health insurance begins November 1st, 2015. Open enrollment is scheduled to close on January 31st, 2016. If you do not have health insurance, make sure to apply for it during the open enrollment period. Aside from the fact it is important to insure your health, there are now even more incentives to apply. First of all, there is a tax penalty for not having health insurance. Also, there is no longer medical underwriting, so you can choose whatever plan you want without being denied for health reasons. If you are sick or need a surgery this year then you should opt for the very best plan that you can afford as it can help pay for a lot of your health costs. Keep in mind that it is important to choose a plan with a substantial network of doctors. For quotes and assistance with applying for 2016 plans in California visit Secureterminsurance.com today!



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